Elkan Nuri Gladiator Napkin holder
Gladiator Napkin holder is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Gladiator Napkin holder

Decorative napkin holder, The keyword of this product is that the imperfections on the Gladiator suits its soul. it takes form from a piece of metal bended smartly. The napkin has a place on the Gladiator's head. The slightly unfolded napkin turns into a crown and thereby makes it simple to pull it out. Gladiator's front section ensures the napkin to stay aligned steady while the base section cuts off contact from the ground. The small protrusion on the rear section prevents the napkin from sliping down while carrying or when the napkins are reduced.

Gladiator Napkin holder
Elkan Nuri Gladiator
Elkan Nuri Napkin holder
Elkan Nuri design
Elkan Nuri design
Elkan Nuri

To design products that will open people's horizons. Almost all of the designs have same features. When you look at these designs, you can see the designer’s character or his aim of his unique designs. When these designs come together they create an image. These products are designed without using complex materials, without big investment or techniques. Aim of these designs is to use simple producing technique, materials and with minimal resources to create unique difference. So, these products or designs can be made without taking any help from sponsors and companies.

Elkan Nuri

PROFILE: His purpose is to design and share functional and aesthetic products, which brings solutions to some problems we have on everyday life, with fair price. And designs brings him pleasure. thus, he set out to receive commercial and spritual joy.