Kings Lee White Church Urban public space
White Church Urban public space is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
White Church Urban public space

During the investigation of the demographic structure and spiritual culture background of the city, Designer found that in the blundering era, everyone hopes to find a peaceful and bright space, whether the person is a believer or not. Based on the survey,Designer planed the White Church, to serve as a spiritual symbol of the city. While coordinating with the local culture, the White Church communicate and resonate with the city and its people.It's more like a hymn, it spreads the serenity.

White Church Urban public space
Kings Lee White Church
Kings Lee Urban public space
Kings Lee design
Kings Lee design

LAD Design Agency was set up in 2004. It uses integration solutions, and it provides comprehensive design service for the customer in terms of project, building design, landscape design, interior design and display art design. In the design of urban commercial complex, urban public space, resort hotel and ecological tourist area, industrial culture business parks, large-scale residential area and senior residential private custom, integration solutions let us infiltrate the design concept into the project. We always think that too much formalism is a destruction to design, and too many similarities is a disdain to culture. When space carries the current field and human emotion, design can return to the most essential that human needs. The history of the field and the research of the culture and the crowd are the soil of design. It should come out as a humble and sincere, like nature.