Donita Viktoria F. Salazar Nest Nesting Speaker
Nest Nesting Speaker is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Nest Nesting Speaker

Nest speakers offer unique properties in terms of technology. Both the portable and home speaker can function alone as well as when synced. The speakers have a cohesive design wherein one is unobstrusive to the other. It keeps you company whether travelling or just relaxing in your home. It's also designed to support any lifestyle and can be taken anyywhere you go. The portable speaker also has a unique quality that supports function and design. It speaks of elegance that can be a fashionable statment you can wear.

Nest  Nesting Speaker
Donita Viktoria F. Salazar Nest
Donita Viktoria F. Salazar Nesting Speaker
Donita Viktoria F. Salazar design
Donita Viktoria F. Salazar design
Donita Viktoria F. Salazar

Teaching has been my biggest achievement. Giving back what I have learned so that future industrial designers may also create or design products of relevance. I take a sense of fulfilment in the idea that as an industrial designer, I can help improve the quality of people’s lives through simple innovation but with great impact. I believe that to be a successful industrial designer, one should adapt to changes especially in technology; to be open to different ideas with collaboration, is a way to learn and create a cohesive solution. Wanting to grow and be more than what I am capable of, is my driving force to succeed.

Donita Salazar

Donita Salazar is a freelance industrial designer. She specializes in product development, furniture, and consumer design. Exploring different fields such as graphic, transportation and automotive design, and other related fields of design is what she does in her free time to hone her skills in the industry. She has been practicing for four years in the industry and within those years she has dedicated half of it by sharing her skills and knowledge to future industrial designers by being a part time faculty in one of the premiere institurions of the Philippines, De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde.