Shantanu Jog Ather S340 Smart Electric Scooter
Ather S340 Smart Electric Scooter is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Ather S340 Smart Electric Scooter

The S340 is an electric scooter under development by Ather Energy, based in Bangalore, India. The scooter is powered by a Lithium Ion battery pack, offers a maximum speed of 72 kmph and has a range of upto 60 kms. The entire vehicle has been designed in-house by Ather Energy from scratch. The S340 brings in new proportions and details, and is easier to use and ride than other scooters of similar dimensions. It comes equipped with a touchscreen console. It can be charged using a dedicated charger.

Ather S340 Smart Electric Scooter
Shantanu Jog Ather S340
Shantanu Jog Smart Electric Scooter
Shantanu Jog design
Shantanu Jog design
Shantanu Jog

Shantanu Jog is an automotive designer, with a special interest in motorcycles. He currently works with Ather Energy, an upcoming electric vehicle manufacturer based in Bangalore, India, and has been there since 2014. His previous stint was with TVS Motor Company at Hosur, India, for about five years. He believes that efficient vehicles should also be fun to ride/drive, and that electric energy is the way ahead for transportation. He is of the strong opinion that long -lasting design is that which has an impact through its functionality, proportions and attention to detail. He believes that there is no substitute to in-depth research, sketches and physical models.

Ather Energy

Ather Energy is the brainchild of IIT graduates Tarun Mehta & Swapnil Jain and is among the few hardware start-ups in India. It was founded in 2013. Aided by a breakthrough in the in-house designed Lithium-ion battery pack design, the team is gearing up for production of the S340, by early next year.