Phebos Xenakis Trapesi Bistro table
Trapesi Bistro table is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Trapesi Bistro table

When attending a public place/café it is a very common problem as where to put your bag/purse. Many people do not know what to do with their bags and proceed to place them on the ground or their lap. This bistro table solves this problem with it's four elegant folds forming a hook at each end. You can easily hang your bag/purse or newspaper to one of the four corners of the table , without losing visual contact with your stuff. The folds are designed so that they form a structural and aesthetic unity with the table.

Trapesi Bistro table
Phebos Xenakis Trapesi
Phebos Xenakis Bistro table
Phebos Xenakis design
Phebos Xenakis design
Phebos Xenakis

Phebos Xenakis (1994), a young Belgian designer with Greek roots recently finished his Bachelor in Industrial Product Design. At a young age he decided to pursue a rather artistic career. In high school he studied architecture. By the time he was 21 he graduated as an Industrial Product Designer at Howest University. Still having the urge to learn more he recently finished a postgraduate involving Brand & Packaging design. Now he systematically explores the possibilities within the furniture and packaging design sector. Having a rather small portfolio he makes up for it with his extraordinary designs.

Howest, Sixinch

Trapesi was created during Phebos Xenakis his final year at Howest. The design was finalized during his internship at Sixinch. Phebos Xenakis (1994) is a young Belgian designer with Greek roots. After finishing his bachelor in Industrial Product Design in 2016 he pursued a career in the furniture sector. Howest is a university college situated in Kortrijk, Belgium. The school offers various types of studies of which one is Industrial Product Design. Sixinch is a design company that specializes in coated furniture. Over the years they have perfected their coatings and production techniques. Now the company is globally expanding at a fast rate with productions all over the world.