Martin Hallberg Klang Soundscapes
Klang Soundscapes is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Music, Audio and Sound Design Award Category.
Klang Soundscapes

The shopping center MyTOWN wanted to distinguish itself from the crowd, why Radja decided to offer a unique sound experience by creating soundscapes - an audible landscape that consists of a variety of sounds that capture architecture, interior design and brand in a delicate and artful way. The compositions are played at selected areas in the building. To set tempo, evoke feelings, build expectations and tell a story that lasts over time Radja chose to use one in this context, perhaps somewhat unorthodox experience, namely sound design for computer games.

Klang Soundscapes
Martin Hallberg Klang
Martin Hallberg Soundscapes
Martin Hallberg design
Martin Hallberg design
Martin Hallberg

Radja Sound Design Agency is an award-winning expert in the field of Audio Branding. They build and strengthen brands through sound communication. Sound forms a significant part of how we experience a brand, building, or product. Radja creates unique sound experiences at places that millions of people visit every year.
Radja partners with architects, retailers, and marketers to conceptualize ideas for places that provide extra-ordinary customer experiences. Within Radja’s portfolio you will find sound strategies and concepts for commercial real estate owners, shopping destinations, and hotel chains among others.


MyTOWN Shopping Centre, a joint venture project between Boustead and Ikano Retail Asia, is located within the Kuala Lumpur city centre. The five level building and the park around it extends over an area of 18 acres. MyTOWN has the potential to reach more than five million customers within a 30-minute drive.