James Self ToyBox Construction Toy
ToyBox Construction Toy is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Social Design Award Category.
ToyBox Construction Toy

ToyBox is designed to provide play opportunities to the world's most venerable children. Through the innovative re-appropriation of existing cardboard aid packaging, ubiquitously used by charities to distribute relief aid to disaster hit areas in the BoP (Bottom of the Pyramid), ToyBox provides opportunities for both play and education. In this way, adopting a design-driven approach, ToyBox alters the meaning of an aid carton, from purely utilitarian, expendable cardboard box to an opportunity for engagement, play and discovery.

ToyBox Construction Toy
James Self ToyBox
James Self Construction Toy
James Self design
James Self design
UNIST (Ulsan Institute of Science & Technology)

The School of Design and Human Engineering at UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology) is an interdisciplinary design school based in Ulsan, Korea. The Department of Industrial Design (based within the school) aims to foster creative designers who can lead the innovative design of product and product-service systems. Within the department, The Design Practice Research Lab explores the human ability to design (fundamental), employs design as means to examine relationships between products and people and applies design knowledge in the design of more appropriate product experiences. ToyBox is one of a number of award winning concepts and designs developed for a range of internal and external funding organisations and industry partners.