Peter Fritsch CreateSpace Multifunctional Sideboard
CreateSpace Multifunctional Sideboard is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
CreateSpace Multifunctional Sideboard

At the time when almost 40% of the population lives in crowded conditions is the biggest challenge to provide a solution to arrange little space at its best. The Sideboard by CreateSpace is capable of replacing 10 furniture items. With its decent size, it consists of table with adjustable height and width which may be used in various ways, four fully integrated dining chairs as well as two bar chairs. It is able to adapt to the userĀ“s needs by the use of a few simple moves. The sideboard can save up to 6,5 m2 in your apartment and additionally maintains more than 60% of its storage space.

CreateSpace Multifunctional Sideboard
Peter Fritsch CreateSpace
Peter Fritsch Multifunctional Sideboard
Peter Fritsch design
Peter Fritsch design
Peter Fritsch

Peter is an architect and designer currently living in Vienna (Austria) but.coming from a city called Kosice in Slovakia. After successful accomplishment of his architecture and urbanism studies, he moved to Vienna in order to start engaging in various activities related to the field of architecture and design. Meanwhile, he decided to enrich his knowledge and study further, namely interier architecture, while still working on a number of projects. Furthermore, he is engaged in writing and sharing articles as well as publications in his area of interest thanks to the portal Create Space.


CreateSpace is a team of jung architects really passionate abut the field of architecture and design. With writing a blog about architecture,design and art they are trying to inspire their audience and create a platform for artists, designers and architects. The need to make small space more effective came from their personal everyday life experience.