Maform Flike Passenger drone
Flike Passenger drone is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Flike Passenger drone

Flike is a manned vehicle drone with electric/hybrid powertrain. It carries one person or an equivalent weight of payload aboard. Showcasing a semi-autonomous control system, the pilot can drive the drone directly with a fly-by-wire system or set up route coordinates for the vehicle to follow. Flike is capable of unmanned, autonomous flight as well. With it's open cockpit, 100 kph maximum speed, 60 min flight endurance and electronically limited 30 m flight ceiling, it is a real extreme sports experience to fly.

Flike  Passenger drone
Maform Flike
Maform  Passenger drone
Maform design
Maform design

While small multicopters have already earned their right to exist in the civilian sector, when it comes to heavy payload, or endurance above half an hour, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters still have no real challengers. ByeGravity's mission is to change the status-quo. We made it possible to build multi-rotor aircraft combining the safety and efficiency of fixed-wing with the inevitable versatility of helicopters. Neither in the far future, nor tomorrow. Today.