sungjae Han Matiere Art Jewerly
Matiere Art Jewerly is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Matiere Art Jewerly

The work ‘Matiere’ focused on mixture of pigments and cubic effect, an expression of an instant and casual beauty, which appears by overlap of palette knife. Every work is progressed manually, with different form, touch, texture, and color, etc. by overlap of pigment, expressing special image of each. Consequently, it is a special work that saved touch of brush tip and feeling of knife by focusing on cubic effect through mixture of various pigments and overlap of pigment.

Matiere Art Jewerly
sungjae Han Matiere
sungjae Han Art Jewerly
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sungjae Han design
Art Salon

ART SALON is a design group that artists gather and plan the exhibition and act by themselves. By escaping from the rigid and formal frame of thinking method, it provides fresh and sensual design through collaboration with other fields as music, performance, etc. and plans exhibition. To enhance activation of artists' creative activity and artistic capability, it aims at proceeding quality design in various purposes, the process of expressing intangible thing that occurs in a scene, which is not a visible nor intended shape in art. Design of artsalon is not the output of materials utilized, but emphasizing the process of naturally forming by variably building and scattering, containing formativeness felt in this process and minute emotions in artistic works.