Jessie W. Fernandez Boomerang Marine Binocular Packaging
Boomerang Marine Binocular Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Boomerang Marine Binocular Packaging

As a mutuelle packing for a marine product of two significative colours, the Boom-mer-rang design mainly uses ocean tone colouring and wave elements to support, stand out and match up their differences. Contrast but harmoniously together, strengthening the visual effet when exhibiting the product. The main concept for this low cost production was to bring out a 'modern' and 'precise' impression. Using simple element and attractive coloring in order to interacting with the products. Creating a 'eye catching' presentation to the public.

Boomerang Marine Binocular Packaging
Jessie W. Fernandez Boomerang
Jessie W. Fernandez Marine Binocular Packaging
Jessie W. Fernandez design
Jessie W. Fernandez design
Jessie W. Fernandez

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