Tina Gorjanc Pure Human Speculative future technology tools
Pure Human Speculative future technology tools is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Public Awareness, Volunteerism, and Society Design Award Category.
Pure Human Speculative future technology tools

The ‘Pure Human’ project is positioned in the industry as an early adopter and shaper of the values that the luxury industry is acquiring by intersecting with biology. The new values derive from the shift of interest in the bio-engineering field where the open source access of biological information is becoming far more restrictive. Exploiting the current legal structure surrounding the tissue engineering technology the project showcases the potential commercialization of the human body and the ability of big corporation to obtain ownership over an individual’s genetic information.

Pure Human Speculative future technology tools
Tina Gorjanc Pure Human
Tina Gorjanc Speculative future technology tools
Tina Gorjanc design
Tina Gorjanc design
Tina Gorjanc

I believe that designers have the responsibility to make progress and contribute to a variety of fields, such as materials, methods, products, sustainability, systems, ethics, etc. They have the obligation to move the design development in the right direction. However, the decision regarding what the right direction actually is depends purely on the designer him/herself.

Tina Gorjanc

The recently founded studio was launched as a product of Gorjanc's freelance practice and is mimicking her passion for research with the objective to expose new potential intersections of practices. Gorjanc's exposure in the media placed her as one of the leading promoters of critical and speculative design as well as an active advocator of bio-ethics, bio-sustainability and bio-design. With just over half a year from opening her practice, she had a privilege to present her work on several events and exhibitions across the globe including Biofabricate, Most Contagious and London Design Festival. Today, Tina continues to work on her projects and research from London, where she tries to fulfil what she believes to be her responsibilities of a designer in our current society and therefore aiming to make meaningful contributions to progress on a variety of fields.