Ignas Survila Raven Kick Scooter
Raven Kick Scooter is Platinum Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Raven Kick Scooter

Raven is a kick scooter which is the lightest design concept today which is made from carbon fiber material.Rejection of some unnecessary parts has enabled to make the general construction of the Raven lighter. It weighs only 980g. The Raven folds to an absolutely flat pack which saves the space.The streamlined shapes have been designed to perfectly fit the user’s shoulder and to ensure comfortable carrying of the product.

Raven Kick Scooter
Ignas Survila Raven
Ignas Survila Kick Scooter
Ignas Survila design
Ignas Survila design
Ignas Survila

The old-school approach to mobility requires innovation. Urban pollution, traffic jams, and climate change are a few of the many problems to solve. These problems resonate deeply with me, and I am already doing my best to tackle it. My name is Ignas Survila, and I am an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the mobility industry. I have skills in product design, advertising, branding & identity, manufacturing management, business development, and entrepreneurship. Lately, I was the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unicorn Scooters and have long been inspired to work on last-mile transportation solutions in large part. Throughout my career, I have been at the forefront of innovative transportation solutions. Most recently as a pioneer in the kick scooter industry serving as Chief Executive Officer of Citybirds Sarl and General manager at Citybirds Sarl Lithuanian Branch. During four years I helped Citybirds to design, develop and launch four different sustainable products from the idea to the mass production, developed and executed short/long-term business strategies, created supply chain strategy, sales strategy, investor decks, and financial roadmaps. Moreover, I helped to attract investors to invest in Citybirds, and together with a fantastic team, we launched a successful crowdfunding campaign. Finally, I have successfully sold my part of the company to the investors from Switzerland. Citybirds, together with Unicorn Scooters, has been awarded 15 worldwide known design awards, including two Red Dots and three A'Design Awards.


Citybirds is a company headquartered in Geneva,Switzerland and Vilnius, Lithuania that designs, develops and sells eco-mobility solutions, for a moment kick scooters for colourful city commuters or as we call them- Citybirds. Our main values are to pay attention to the details, to create products with an added value of design, to think about the comfortability and to create the products that are simple to use and user-friendly. At the moment, we are manufacturing four different kick scooters, that suits to different target audiences. However we have more ambitions and plans to come into the market with a new and more innovative products.