Neringa Orlenok Monai Human Centric Lightening table
Monai Human Centric Lightening table is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Monai Human Centric Lightening table

Monai is a light table with the circadian lighting technology which helps to keep you awake in the first part of the day and in the evening helps you to fall asleep. This is a product where traditional and modern elements bounds together. The shape of MONAI was inspired by round objects found in nature. In the morning it is the sun at home and before you go to bed it converts into the moon with gentle light which helps to fall asleep. Monai is made of high quality materials and created to serve a long time.

Monai Human Centric Lightening table
Neringa Orlenok Monai
Neringa Orlenok Human Centric Lightening table
Neringa Orlenok design
Neringa Orlenok design

Innospark design, produce, and sell creative toys inspiring children to learn and create. Innospark story began when they noticed how well children respond to light – in fact, most of people do! People need light as much as water. Light inspires children and helps them stay focused. Innospark designed their first Light Play Table, and the customers loved it. Since the very first day, they have strived to maintain quality in design, function, and manufacturing without compromise. The environment is an important force shaping children’s development – a child learns from environment just like from parents or teachers. Innospark feels it is their duty to help parents and educators prepare the curious explorers of the future.