Guoxing Jiang Shuiyunjian Tea House
Shuiyunjian Tea House is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Shuiyunjian Tea House

Project Name: Yun Shun Jean•Tea House Project location: Urumqi city, Sinkiang province,China Building area:460㎡ Main material: the black granite, volcanic, algae clay, cobble, beige-cream travertine Project designer: Jiang Goo Xing One tea is a world, one flavor is a life. The life is like the tea. The first course of tea is the same bitter as life, the second course is like love, and the third course is the same light as breeze. At this rapidly developing, noisy city, if you want to seek peaceful mood, the tea club is the best choice.

Shuiyunjian Tea House
Guoxing Jiang Shuiyunjian
Guoxing Jiang Tea House
Guoxing Jiang design
Guoxing Jiang design