Li-Ling Chang Light and Shadow into Poetry Public
Light and Shadow into Poetry Public is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Light and Shadow into Poetry Public

The different wall surfaces have become the main principle that the designer deducts. Those are endowed with the functions of defining space, shaping scene, and providing silence. On the wall surface separating indoor and outdoor area, the front opening in different sizes creates framed scenery and two different functions of in-and-out and looking. In addition to defining space, the walls has become the field for silence, expectation, and meditation. The walls also shape the dual sceneries of vision and emotion. The pond in the atrium segments two buildings and the essence of water creates the place for precipitating heart in a noisy city. The two buildings are connected by corridor which creates the feelings of passing through space and time by utilizing the changes of light and the reflection in the water whenever people walking slowly, sitting next to the pond, or looking far beyond. Either walking or looking, people can experience the light movements, time transgression, and scenery changes.

Light and Shadow into Poetry Public
Li-Ling Chang Light and Shadow into Poetry
Li-Ling Chang Public
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Li-Ling Chang design
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