Alice Minkina Sagano Chair and lamps
Sagano Chair and lamps is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Sagano Chair and lamps

Sagano bamboo furniture is a new method eco-friendly furniture for the home made of bamboo veneer. Its uniqueness is a technology of the production. A single line of veneer twisted in a roll forms the object. This technology gives an opportunity to make a durable wood product in an easier way. For a chair represented in the collection used 160 meters of veneer. This technology allows creating an especial shape each time, which makes every piece original.

Sagano Chair and lamps
Alice Minkina Sagano
Alice Minkina Chair and lamps
Alice Minkina design
Alice Minkina design
Alice Minkina

Alice Minkina is an industrial designer. I graduated from British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, with a degree from University of Hertfordshire, London. Alice Minkina is a specialist in the furniture manufacture of bamboo veneer. My project Ā«Sagano Bamboo FurnitureĀ» was the winner on iSaloni 2016. Im join a lot of design forums and exhibitions, runs my own course of lectures dedicated to eco materials in the interior and industrial design.

Sagano bamboo furniture

This brand is oriented on working with a bamboo veneer as the main material and produce pieces of furniture and lighting using unique technology invented by designer Alice Mincing. Nowadays eco-style is much broader concept that includes not only the decoration and furniture of natural materials, but the filling of the interior as a whole, including lighting, small decorative items and other details. Product designer Alice Minkina is a pioneer of the use of bamboo as the basis for the creation interior items in Russia. She defied massive and bulky furniture out of wood, replacing it with an imponderable and eco-friendly bamboo veneer.