Ben Koros Wireframe Affordable wind turbine
Wireframe Affordable wind turbine is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Social Design Award Category.
Wireframe Affordable wind turbine

The wireframe program aims to bring affordable electricity to village households in developing countries by training locals how to build, service and spread the extremely cost effective WF II. turbine, made mainly out of recycled components - and teaching chosen residents how to create the most efficient turbines and reliable electrical grid and infrastructure from regionally given materials, with accessible technologies and tools.

Wireframe Affordable wind turbine
Ben Koros Wireframe
Ben Koros Affordable wind turbine
Ben Koros design
Ben Koros design
Ben Koros

Ben thinks in systems - either the system of products, the system of product and user experience, or the system of physical product and service. In 2016, he was the co-founder of Koino, a design brand in Europe - that aims to create innovative, and loveable products and services for international companies as well as struggling startups. Members of Koino are banded together by the love for design, and the aim of designing loveable products.


Koino is a recently founded design brand from Central Europe. It's not simply a company, but also a user experience based ideology of creating loveable, as well as socially and ecologically aware products and services, with the goal of reinventing design at every given project. Our main fields are product design, webdesign, UI design and graphic design.