Salman Ebrahimi Cir Construction set
Cir Construction set is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Cir Construction set

Arc_shaped pieces which are connected with three types of connection and create numerous forms. this toy consists of several pieces and each piece is an arc_shaped plastic which forms a quarter of a circle. all arcs are in same size and with three types of connecting piece can be connected to each other. various forms are made by it. the expansion and adding pieces based on circular or spherical forms is its features, that a new forms are created by connecting them with each other which can be utilized by both children and older.

Cir Construction set
Salman Ebrahimi Cir
Salman Ebrahimi Construction set
Salman Ebrahimi design
Salman Ebrahimi design
Salman Ebrahimi

I am a designer origami geometric shapes love I'm always inspired by geometric shapes and designs Origami everyday things with a new and more practical am Surprised the people of sophisticated design with a simple structure that creativity is the most important characteristic of my interests I think it can be designed to help improve cultural awareness

Salman Ebrahimi

Building a better world with more beautiful design and better performance, our goal is. Multi-function tools on their own and seemed to come from another world, and customers will be pleasantly surprised and charmed. With simple and stylish design tools can help developing communities and also somewhat more bearable today's complex world.