Sywawa Chiuso Parasol
Chiuso Parasol is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Chiuso Parasol

Chiuso literally means closed. Lieven Musschoot and Mathias Hennebel feel that the inside of a parasol is at least as important as the outside. That is why they completely lined the inside. The fabric almost fully encloses the parasol frame. In this way, the parasol’s beauty extends beyond the outside to the inside. Sitting under the parasol you can enjoy life to the full. An additional aspect is the acoustic improvement so that the parasol gives you an even more complete experience. The flowing lines emphasise the delicate and soft nature of this parasol.

Chiuso Parasol
Sywawa Chiuso
Sywawa Parasol
Sywawa design
Sywawa design

The only brand that ventures to put refreshing parasol designs on your terrace Sywawa Parasols puts trendy design products on the Parasol market. Sywawa also consults professional designers to blow a fresh and innovative breeze through its parasols and umbrella’s. You will find Sywawa parasols at the most lovely places all over the world! These Sywawa design parasols will turn any terrace of your hotel, restaurant, bar, swimming pool or beach bar into an attractive place to sit back and relax.


Sywawa is the frivolous little sister of the tough and bold Symo parasols. Sywawa is different, striking, it is an “umbrella with a haircut.”. Sywawa’s pioneering design is the result of innovation, craftsmanship, top quality materials and workmanship. Human input into the design and the production of the Sywawa umbrellas give this brand a strong character. If you are different, love challenges and design or if you would like to surprise your guests on the terrace, you have to choose a Sywawa sunshade. Sywawa stands for goose flesh, self-will and sensuality. Sywawa on your terrace brings joy to life.