Moriyuki Ochiai LHM kindergarten Kindergarten/Nursery School
LHM kindergarten Kindergarten/Nursery School is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
LHM kindergarten Kindergarten/Nursery School

We designed a playful and exciting interior of kindergarten. We experimented with a landscape design populated with lakes, hills and mountains that would inspire children a variety of uses and fun ways to play by stimulating their imagination. Here, the scenery and relief associated with nature is echoed throughout the space by a cleverly designed stage resembling a hill, furniture representing small mountains, caves or cabins and mirrors reminiscent of the surface of a body of water, while the color gradations of the walls feature a palette evoking the beauty of nature.

LHM kindergarten Kindergarten/Nursery School
Moriyuki Ochiai LHM kindergarten
Moriyuki Ochiai Kindergarten/Nursery School
Moriyuki Ochiai design
Moriyuki Ochiai design
Moriyuki Ochiai Architects Inc.

Moriyuki Ochiai Architects that is active in architectural, interior, furniture,landscape and industrial design. The sources of our inspirations come from being captivated by the vivacious and lively beauty of nature or life. We can also feel the influence coming from the delicate sensitivity responding to the unique Japanese nature, which can be found in Japanese temples and gardens. We wish to continue creating works that fulfill people's dreams, become the energy for their lives, and then move on to a deeper dimension that exceeds life itself. We have recieved numerous awards : iF Design Award (Germany) "GOLD award", Red Dot Design award (Germany), German Design Award, INTERIOR DESIGN Best of Year Award (U.S.A) "Best of Year / grand prix", Restaurant & Bar Design Awards (UK) “Best Works”, Society of British International Design Award(UK) "grand prix", A' Design Award ( Italy ) , Design for Asia Awards (HongKong) "Merit Award" , Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association Award, Japan Design Space Association Award, Japan Sign Design Association Award,etc..