KYDO Misty Bamboo Exhibition Space
Misty Bamboo Exhibition Space is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Misty Bamboo Exhibition Space

Creative Expo Taiwan showcases and promotes the very best design talent and products to an international audience. For 2016, KYDO created host country Taiwan’s main exhibition hall. As a modern showcase rooted in the nation’s cultural, design, and aesthetic past, Misty Bamboo brings to life a nation’s creative identity in the space of 362sqm. It is both past and present; platform and destination; scenery to be seen, and scenery to be in. At a time when Asia is rising, Misty Bamboo adds a uniquely Taiwanese view on what “design means in an Asian context.”

Misty Bamboo Exhibition Space
KYDO Misty Bamboo
KYDO Exhibition Space
KYDO design
KYDO design

A good design is both serene and stimulating. A space can evokes our emotions, triggers our intangible sensation and wraps us in comfort and a sense of belonging. We aim to design spaces that inspire the users, with perfection in depth, attention to details and committed to fine craftsmanship. It is our goal to realize the idea to embodies the environment and culture through immense passion and creativity. Keng Yu Design team is a collective of passionate talents in multi aspects in interior. In Keng Yu we believe design can enrich lives – for clients, culture and communities. Over the years, we have continued making significant strides in performance of residence, commercial spaces, head quarters and hotels design.


Founded in 2011, KYDO is a boutique design studio that pursues unconditional,passionate perfection in art and craft. With a dedicated team of artists, designers, and craftsmen, the studio creates daily poetry in the fields of high-end residential, commercial,office, and hospitality design. KYDO believes in “design beyond senses,” crafting spaces where careful details engage the physical sense, yet creates an ambiance and visual imprint that goes beyond it. Each detail is calibrated to work together to move the soul as an atmospheric sum. Each space is a unique story that finds true luxury in understated elegance, humanistic warmth, and the value of “less, for more.” For design principal Keng-Yu Liao, the only beauty is timeless. This timelessness implies not just a classic aesthetic that lasts, but the ability to stop time and calm the senses.Throughout the studio’s creations, tranquility reigns, each space a quiet respite, with design as much a product of the senses as it is an influence of it.