Meiyi Cheung Feeling butterfly Wearable Art
Feeling butterfly Wearable Art is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Feeling butterfly Wearable Art

Inspired by the structure of knitwear, numerous plastic and E.V.A sheets are cut into rows of loop-form stripes and hand interlocked one by one into a dress. This interlock structure gives the dress stretchability that would fit to different body size. Due to the characteristic of the structure, an ombre effect of blue, silver and colorless translucence is created. The dress is "sewn" without any stitch, yet it is as elegant and sexy as an traditional evening dress. On top, it is decorated with dozens of butterfly cutouts, hanging around the dress and turn the wearer "feeling butterfly

Feeling butterfly Wearable Art
Meiyi Cheung Feeling butterfly
Meiyi Cheung Wearable Art
Meiyi Cheung design
Meiyi Cheung design
Meiyi Cheung

Meiyi is a singular Hong Kong designer majors in fashion. Her intimate experience with international and China brands have provided her exceptional knowledge to offer design solutions which well balanced with creativity and commerciality to the industry. In 2003, Meiyi established Paragon Design Limited, and opened her own shop WHOSTHATshop at PMQ, Central of Hong Kong in 2014, to showcase her designs and successful collaboration projects with fine artists. Fashion + art, is Meiyi’s new arena to reflect a mixture of creation and commerce through her functional and innovative idea. A way to realize her belief in “ Design without boundaries.” In Fine Art area, Meiyi has drawn paintings for Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing, and participated in different art exhibitions. Three of Meiyi’s fashion pieces are currently collected by the Hong Kong Cultural Museum in 2013.


WHOSTHAT aims to create a new hybrid mix of fashion and art that consumers will treasure and appreciate our fashion piece as an art piece, to kept it longer than regular fashion purchases. We hope we are able to convince consumers from buying fast fashion, and slower the speed of producing disposables, with our beautiful products. We target to the need of city women who are tired of buying from global brands and chain stores, who seek for uniqueness and self identity, who appreciate art and craft and creativity. Wherever there is WHOSTHAT, there is art.