Jiyoung Jeon Doran Doran Liquor brand
Doran Doran Liquor brand is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
Doran Doran Liquor brand

DORAN DORAN is a liquor brand that proposes dad and daughter have a casual drinking date to break the ice. The brand concept is ’together’ which is consistently delivered in products and graphics. The brand’s name, DORAN DORAN is a pure Korean word that describes the situation or sound in terms of intimate conversation. The visual concept is 'overlapped two different shapes of voice wave’ and this visualizes the moment when two different voices of D(dad and daughter) become harmonized.

Doran Doran Liquor brand
Jiyoung Jeon Doran Doran
Jiyoung Jeon Liquor brand
Jiyoung Jeon design
Jiyoung Jeon design
Jiyoung Jeon

Ji-young Jeon is a freelance graphic designer in Jidot graphic. She is interested in branding, typography and editorial design. As a designer, she always tries to deal with various media including printing, packages, spatial design and digital media, which are appropriate materials to let people experience key visual messages. She believes that a communication designer is a person who delivers meaningful messages to move people’s minds. To find and deliver something meaningful, she always keeps an eye on everyday life and the people around her.

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