Marita Bonacic Clara Stones Coral Concept Store
Clara Stones Coral Concept Store is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Clara Stones Coral Concept Store

A two-level store is shaped thematically - the undersea world on the ground floor and decadent feast on the first floor. A wooden branch breaches through the floors and is partly trapped in the showcases. The interior is ethereal, using white in different materials and textures. The focus are the lighting fixtures forming a light installation resembling marine organisms. Specially designed jewelry displays follow the contours of the underwater world and are arranged into flocks.

Clara Stones Coral Concept Store
Marita Bonacic Clara Stones
Marita Bonacic Coral Concept Store
Marita Bonacic design
Marita Bonacic design
Clara Stones

Clara Stones is a jewelry brand that works with red coral - traditional Mediterranean ornament, a symbol of vitality and a protective charm. Pieces of jewelry are handmade from carefully chosen Adriatic red corals, pearls, semiprecious and precious stones. Clara Stones also has a workshop where people are invited to join the meticulous process in which Corallium rubrum is transformed from the raw material branches to the finished pieces. Customers are free to observe how the coral branches are being divided, cleaned, cut, polished and finally put in the beautiful pieces of jewelry.