JungHee Kim Bridge of Love Ring, Brooch & Pendant
Bridge of Love Ring, Brooch & Pendant is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Bridge of Love Ring, Brooch & Pendant

The Milky Way, a pale strip of light consisting of many stars, stretches across the sky at night like a river. The profile view of this celestial river looks flat like a flying disk. ‘Bridge of Love’ shows both visual representation of the Milky Way and link between two lovers. Bead-set of diamonds on the round-shaped frame symbolize a bridge of magpies and crows, pearls represent wandering planets in the Galaxy and prong-set of blue and white diamonds signify the Milky Way.

Bridge of Love Ring, Brooch & Pendant
JungHee Kim Bridge of Love
JungHee Kim Ring, Brooch & Pendant
JungHee Kim design
JungHee Kim design
JungHee Kim

Junghee Kim graduated from Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea in Metal Craft, holds a Master’s Degree in Metal Craft from Kookmin University. She completed Culture and Arts Program for CEO from Korea National University of Arts. She worked for Gemopia and Jewelry Park, top ranking Korean jewelry companies, as a head of design department. She is a numerous jewelry design awards winner including Korea Design Exhibition in 2004. Since she launched her own brand, PhoeBe, in 2001, she has reinvented the old into the modern and handcrafted beautiful pieces that can be admired beyond the time.

PhoeBe jewelry design LAB

'PhoeBe' has been expressed the woman wearing jewelry which had the noble beauty in the middle ages based on modern aesthetics which was origins of classics. PhoeBe is harmonious design with both modernity and classic from naturalism, it is also symbolized as the wedding jewelry for noblesse who dreams rich and happy life. The design philosophy of 'PhoeBe' is created unique jewelry for only one and it is pursuit of beauty and fascinated worth which is unchanged as time goes by. It is also philosophy of PhoeBe comes to life again as a high quality wedding jewelry.