Dennis Fang A Plus Brush Multifunctonal Hairbrush
A Plus Brush Multifunctonal Hairbrush is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
A Plus Brush Multifunctonal Hairbrush

With the innovative electric conduction techniques, A Plus brush comprises conductive resins, the static-removal fiber and the gold plate. The static can be removed completely by a finger-touch to the plate no matter how much static occurs throughout brushing the hair. With the improved techniques, Dennis Fang moves the brush design to the next level. The ergo-designed body with black and gold color combinations bring the luxury and professional instincts to the A+ Brush.

A Plus Brush  Multifunctonal Hairbrush
Dennis Fang A Plus Brush
Dennis Fang  Multifunctonal Hairbrush
Dennis Fang design
Dennis Fang design
Dennis Fang

Dennis is a creative designer come from Taiwan and finish his study in New York. He worked in design studios in New York . And he comes back to help his own family business. He bring back the new ideas and new thoughts to the traditional factory and take the design team to the lead of the industry. He always owns the craziest idea, and very focus on the work. He always seeks the best solution to solve the design problems. He spents a lot of time doing research and study every kind of design methods and not afraid to trying different ways to create his arts.

Dennis Fang/Tong Fong Brush Factory

Dennis is the Product Development Designer from the world's largest brush company Tong Fong. Dennis Fang has graduated from the School of Visual Arts of New York majoring computer art and graphic design. He stayed in New York for 15 years, and worked in design studios in New York for 5 years. In 2010, He moved back to Taiwan and help his family's business Tong Fong in the manufacturing hairbrush industry. He bring his design knowledge and perspective views into the industry. Tong Fong organizes 7 different plants with highly vertical integration The plants are production plant, tooling plant, machinery plant, injection plant, paint plant, sawmill, and wood plant which cover 90% the procedures and keep the cost and quality down and stable.The Monthly Capacity are 6 million brushes in total, which include 4.8 million pieces in plastic and 1.2 million pieces in wood.