Arosha Rosenberger Timeless " Black and White" Collection
Timeless " Black and White" Collection is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Timeless " Black and White" Collection

The exclusive fashion label "Tuschimo" with the designer Arosha Rosenberger focuses not only on high-end fashion in the field of custom-made with the couture line, but also in the baseline in the online shop. Their high quality and certified fabrics such as linen jersey, Bamboo, ramie silk and recycled fabrics underline the sustainability of the Munich fashion label. The Timeless Black and White 3Dimensionaal Collection brings the eco-fashion on the catwalks of the world. Experience eco-fashion in its most elegant form from Munich for the whole world..

Timeless " Black and White" Collection
Arosha Rosenberger Timeless " Black and White"
Arosha Rosenberger Collection
Arosha Rosenberger design
Arosha Rosenberger design
Arosha Rosenberger

Arosha Rosenberger expresses all of her personality in her collection. She mixes quiet atmosphere with the energy of Earth, Wind and nature of the universe. So they reflected their own lives in the countryside as well as the woods. The designer sees her surroundings through her soul and thus finds an infinite number of new inspirations. Arosha considers Tuschimo woman as a reflection of her belief in the nature. All of this passion finds a way into these collections. Simple yet elegant is the brand mark of Tuschimo fashion. Her inspiration starts with a tropical tree of Sri Lanka, which is distinctive and particular through its hanging roots. This Liana tree is a direct reference to her nation and culture for Arosha. This tree provides inner peace and balance. The solid crust acts masculine, splendidly and donates protection. In contrast are the thin delicate branches. These represent the feminine part of the plant, and disseminate security and innocence. The former late ornamental passages of the designer in the forests of Sri Lanka are still her biggest inspiration and passion. Her fashion is unmistakable as Arosha designed their garments by combining geometric shapes and arranging them to form the human body of a beautiful woman. Some even compare this design with architecture. Her fashion is art and creation of irregular shapes. In this way, she is creating unique patterns. The designer also likes to experiment with different types of texture and works with the volume and characteristics of the fabric. Thereby her works achieve the right amount of playfulness to momentum and life. In addition, most of her pieces have a universal application. Whether the party, on vacation in a city or the first date, with Tuschimo fashion you are perfectly dressed for every occasion! The soft material and a perfect fit of their clothes to ensure that each customer feels comfortable. Most importantly, the Tuschimo Eco range guarantees sustainable production. This line lets bad conscience of the women disappear and replace it with a good feeling of environmental awareness. Tuschimo Eco is presented and worn by women with pride. Arosha Rosenberger has created her fashion in a unique way, bringing together the highest environmental requirements and the best design! These pieces will bring every customer under their spell!

Tuschimo Eco Fashion

Tuschimo For Arosha Rosenberger, eco fashion is more than just a temporary trend. Passionate about sustainability, the designs of her label Tuschimo are not only beautiful to look at, but can be worn with a clear conscience. Arosha Rosenberger was born in rural Sri Lanka. It was her mother, a seamstress, who initiated the upcoming designer’s love for fashion. The beautiful woods and nature she was surrounded by as a child continue to inspire her deeply until this day. After learning her trade at Victoria’s Secret in Colombo, studying fashion design,working for designer Raishma in London and starting a family in Germany, the talented tailor has launched her very own fashion brand: Tuschimo.