Paul Stet Carter Tablet Shoulder Holster
Carter Tablet Shoulder Holster is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Carter Tablet Shoulder Holster

Carter solves for balance and slickness of movement. It is a crossbreed between a pocket and a handbag that has braces. The braces are highly adjustable and super comfy. It is special tailored to safely host an iPad mini or other 8' tablets. Alternatively it can hold a wallet, a passport and a phone, a book or even a game console. The holster has no opening on its outer side, making it theft proof and very convenient for the commuter’s lifestyle.

Carter Tablet Shoulder Holster
Paul Stet Carter
Paul Stet Tablet Shoulder Holster
Paul Stet design
Paul Stet design
Paul Stet

Paul is a Romanian based product designer. Over the past few years, he was mostly involved in developing mass production consumer goods varying from sports equipment to kitchen utensils. He successfully created products for various brands around the world, his greatest satisfaction is to see a deep human connection between people and his designs. He believes design is an important asset in human evolution, it goes beyond individual level.

Carter Gear

Carter Gear is designed and hand-crafted in Romania with minutious approach to mastering every single piece of leather. They are built by local passionate craftsmen and using only local leather suppliers and materials. The studio is specialized in bespoke shoe creation which means it brings up a slightly different approach to the making process of their accessories.