Degeorges Adrien To be plugged Lamp
To be plugged Lamp is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
To be plugged Lamp

TBP (To Be Plugged) is a ludic and iconic lamp that can be placed everywhere in the house. This lamp has been imagined to be the part of the cozy athmosphere that people likes to create on a sunday evening; with a nice book and a cup of tea. It lights up thanks to an easy plug/unplug switch created as a reference to the capacity everybody should have to connect and disconnect from a busy life. The fabric cables are made to knot the lamp everywhere it can be, to create many different athmospheres.

To be plugged  Lamp
Degeorges Adrien To be plugged
Degeorges Adrien Lamp
Degeorges Adrien design
Degeorges Adrien design
Degeorges Adrien

Adrien Degeorges is a Paris based Designer. Graduated from Strate school of design in 2014, he traveled around the world and mainly designed furniture and home living products for retailers. Since september 2015, he works as a freelance designer while running a major brand project that will be released in September, 2016. Adrien Degeorges is engaged against hyper-consumption and mainly work in the luxury market, as a designer, graphist and counselor


Iconocrafts is a Paris based design brand for home and lifestyle accessories thought for getting everydaylife playful, useful, thankful. By the savoir-faire of french arts and crafts, Iconocrafts fully designs craftsmanships made artefacts and flawless works, giving timeless, long-lasting products and emotion through a great user experience. Created for getting in a singular contact with its own product design, everyone can appropriate it and tells its own story.