Florian Gross Pomo Sideboard
Pomo Sideboard is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Pomo Sideboard

Pomo is a contemporary design sideboard inspired in the conceptual design movement. Characterized by a visual game to hide and show the door knobs and drawers from a subtle geometric style which confers an elegant character. Its hypnotic presence gives an unique personality wherever it is placed. Available only in limited edition.

Pomo Sideboard
Florian Gross Pomo
Florian Gross Sideboard
Florian Gross design
Florian Gross design

Thelos loves its craft: limited edition of fine design furniture. We select with sensitive art and design criteria the most suitable and contemporary design from worldwide designers and artists. We seek that our design furniture emits an autonomous significance and evokes a concrete atmosphere, with beauty, poetry and a well defined individual character. How the word Thelos means: “the essence is in the use”, we only perform furniture that contains the excellence in its use, but with each visual detail close to art, to ensure the aesthetic excellence. We work with high empathy for the people who uses our furniture to get extraordinary experiences. Selecting with care the most suggestive design and combining it with artisan production, raw materials from sustainable sources, natural finishes and organic fabrics, to respect people and planet. Thelos, pure design, pure empathy.