See Design Team See E-Commerce App
See E-Commerce App is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
See E-Commerce App

See is a fashion e-commerce mobile application based on pictures. This application gives a way for people to buy the dresses of their favorite photos. Users can find and purchase the dress they want in See. They upload what they want to See as pictures. See distributes the uploaded wishes to the service providers who have the capability of answering them. Meanwhile, See analyzes and pushes the popular commodities which matched tastes of users well. Until February 2016, there are over 600,000 users in See counted by Umeng. And over 800,000 wishes were solved counted by See statistics.

See E-Commerce App
See Design Team See
See Design Team E-Commerce App
See Design Team design
See Design Team design
See Design Team

See Design Team is the main product design team in See Mobile Technology. Main members are Sheng Yang, Tree Wan, Xiao Yang, Jie tang, Wanping Liu. Their core members are from Tencent Customer Research & User Experience Design Center. They focus in user experience and branding of See App including user research, interaction design, user interface design, graphic design and branding design. Their design served over 500,000 users and the number of users is still increasing now.

See Mobile Technology

See Mobile Technology is a internet technology company. Its main business is cross-border e-commerce for women's fashion clothing. Its products: See, a community and e-commerce application for women’s fashion clothing. Seego, a platform brand based on women’s clothing e-commerce. Founding team members are from the well-known Internet companies named Tencent, Alibaba, Jingdong, idreamsky, Meila. In January 2015, See obtained the Angel investment from a top VC named Geekfounders. In September 2015, See obtained the millions dollar "A" round investment from three top VC named IDG, Morningside Ventures, Bertelsmann together. In January 2016, 500+ Trendiest Fashion Experts provide on-demand services in See. They distributed in 30 countries, and they have covered wishes of the user 700,000+ times. There are 1000+ global lifestyle brands from Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea in See, covering 100,000+ goods, mainly clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories.