Tsvetan Petkov Shard Mood Table
Shard Mood Table is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture Design Award Category.
Shard Mood Table

On the table... questions, glasses, decisions, dishes, legs... whatever! The suitable furniture to do so! You can easily transform a coffee table into a bar! Rocki`n it by day or by night. Let`s face it, on the table is the place, where you take the most inspiring decisions. That is the one that you can use in any case, no matter you`re ups `n` downs.

Shard Mood Table
Tsvetan Petkov Shard
Tsvetan Petkov Mood Table
Tsvetan Petkov design
Tsvetan Petkov design
Tsvetan Petkov

My computer is on his table, right next to me is his crazy looking lamp... actually my hole living room is made by him! It is quite something! One of the most artistic and passionate designers I`ve worked with. Deep imagination, strong motivation and a big hart. I`ll always recommend Tsvetan as a mode professional and about his work all I can say is "Two thumbs up!"

LEONEO design

Leoneo Design Studio is founded in 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria with the goal to create and develop modernistic and innovative design in the field of the interior and product design. We believe that everything that surrounds us from outside change our inner nature, and we’re trying to do our works in harmony with our understandings how the environment has to look like.