Alex T Schulz Insect Wing Pen Ballpoint Pen
Insect Wing Pen Ballpoint Pen is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Art and Stationery Supplies Design Award Category.
Insect Wing Pen Ballpoint Pen

"Insect Wing Pen" is a ballpoint pen concept that is inspired by the classical feather pen on the one hand and by the body plan of insects. The pen consists of two parts, the pen itself and a tripod. The pen itself reminisces of a wing while the tripod serves as a cap. The prototype is made by resin that has been 3d printed. The color scheme is kept simple plain white. Just the wing section of the pen is colored in a chromatic course that was inspired by the reflective skin of insects. Designed as a desktop item and not a carry away pen, the designs aims at an emotional value.

Insect Wing Pen Ballpoint Pen
Alex T Schulz Insect Wing Pen
Alex T Schulz Ballpoint Pen
Alex T Schulz design
Alex T Schulz design
Alex T Schulz

My name is Alex T Schulz, I am an architect from Germany, near Cologne. As everyone working in the creative field, we strive to make life better by designing things, that can enrich our lives in may ways: sometimes functional sometimes emotional. Design can tell a story. Many objects of nowadays life face a short living range. We can use sustainable materials and/or prolongue a product`s lifespan. That is were my designs aim to make a contribution: by elevating everyday items to a more sculptural status, they become a long time companion with personal value.


ATSCHULZDESIGN focusses in designs that have a narrative aspect and try to redefine the connections between user and object. Whether inspired by principles of nature, their aesthetics or by mere observations of everyday life, objects that come to life this way try to add a certain extra to the user experience. This experience covers various facettes: symbolic, aesthetic and functional. When those factors coincide, objects can become someone`s long term companions, because of the emotional value they create. And this is another form of of sustainability.‎