Alexey Denisov History channel ID TV channel ID
History channel ID TV channel ID is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
History channel ID TV channel ID

The basic concept of the IDs is exiting and breathtaking travelling through space-time portals. Camera flies through the energy field, historical era changes or viewer gets in a dimension filled with objects according to the theme of the ID. External surface of the circle is the portal, which is covered by symbols from different historical eras. And the Cyrillic letter inside rotates like a pointer on clocks. Textures, historical objects and locations - everything looks extremely realistic, like live shooting.

History channel ID TV channel ID
Alexey Denisov History channel ID
Alexey Denisov TV channel ID
Alexey Denisov design
Alexey Denisov design
Alexey Denisov

Wise look into the past: From the ancient civilizations and discoveries of the past to extreme mysteries of recent. Also the Great Wars, incredible personalities, love and betrayal – everything that makes History interesting is the philosophy of the History channel. Filling of the channel consists of own produced material and foreign formats of the largest worldwide studios.The history channel complements line of Digital channels where other russian channels such as "My planet" and "Science 2.0".

History TV Channel

History TV channel broadcasts the best Russian and foreign documentaries and series, historic reconstructions, and authors’ projects, created using closed archives and exclusive footage. TOP-3 of educational TV channels about history in terms of daily coverage.The main idea of the brand is «From the earliest civilizations and great discoveries of the past to the mysteries and secrets of the present». The channel is part of the DIGITAL TELEVISION RUSSIA. DTR is an advanced Russian media company taking the leading role in the thematic TV market and successfully creating content for the Internet and mobile devices.DTR currently comprises 18 channels, including international projects.