Karma J The Rebel Mirror
The Rebel Mirror is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
The Rebel Mirror

The Rebel is a journey from within yourself.A mirror that reflects on the roots, the individuality and the authentic journey in life.The design is a pink copper frame with a corresponding copper tint mirror, which gives a warm reflection. Delicately carved within the mirror is an elegant arabesque pattern, the tattoo that symbolises individuality. The weight is lighter as most of the back is removed and reused again. Karma J is represented in Beirut and Dubai through renown concept and department stores. An on-going solo exhibition is held at La Serre Dubai.

The Rebel  Mirror
Karma J The Rebel
Karma J Mirror
Karma J design
Karma J design
Karma J

Karma J is about reflecting on yourself. We live in a fast pace world. It's important to slow down, reflect and connect with WHO you are in order to find a balance That suits you. Karma J helps you connect to yourself and find yourself in the different characters.When you do, you Will thrive.

Karma J

Karma J is contemporary and eclectic design reflections that connects to the self. Aesthetic and functional, the mirrors are art piece that give interactions through reflections in everyday life. Karma J was selected as the Aspiring Artist to display the pieces on all 20 walls at La Serre Dubai. Five collections: The Nomad, The Rebel, The Royal, The Impressionist and The Illusionist portray a character with a story that are presented with each collection and each mirror designs. The exhibition includes a press coverage and will continue exhibiting until May 26, 2016. Karma J is present in department stores and concept stores in Dubai and Beirut.