Sanna Paakki Väre Decorative cushion
Väre Decorative cushion is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture Design Award Category.
Väre Decorative cushion

Väre cushion represents rough Nordic design. The outerior is made of genuine leather and 100 % felted wool. The style and quality have been designed to last time. The softness of the leather and the warmth of the wool together bring about a unique feeling to any interior design. The product has been designed and manufactured in Finland.

Väre Decorative cushion
Sanna Paakki Väre
Sanna Paakki Decorative cushion
Sanna Paakki design
Sanna Paakki design
Sanna Paakki

Sanna Paakki is talented finnish designer with a great imagination. She has an ability to use different natural materials in a new way. Miiko products have unique design and strong nordic dimension. Miiko products tell their own story with simple and classical style. Miiko products are made in ethically and ecologically way. Materials and design of the products are durable and timeless. Miiko Design Oy is company which offers products which you want to keep forever.

Miiko Design Oy

Miiko Design Oy is a almost two year old Finnish Company. The designer and the owner of the Company is 39 years old visual arts teacher Sanna Paakki from Tuusula Finland. All Miiko products are made in Finland. Miiko products are interior products, acessories and printed art. All products are made of quality natural materials.