Chang Hung Yu Stitching Gifts DIY Card
Stitching Gifts DIY Card is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Giftware Design Award Category.
Stitching Gifts DIY Card

The number and location of the holes is arranged on the card and punched by the lacer according to the picture. The user just needs to stitch following the directions.The package provides all materials for making the card. According to different topic, threads of different colors and other materials will be included. In addition to the threads, the user can decorate with other ornaments, such as paper tape or lace, to make the content more abundant and special.

Stitching Gifts DIY Card
Chang Hung Yu Stitching Gifts DIY
Chang Hung Yu Card
Chang Hung Yu design
Chang Hung Yu design
Chang Hung Yu

we focus on menstrual product line especially designed for both women and men. It’s aimed to bring women a sense of security and make them feel warm and relax.Other we create some DIY products with functions of increasing parent-child interaction, brainstorming, and sharing feelings.Children around 7 accompanied by their family can learn about the concept of space via threading up and down and you can teach them what they need to know in daily life, such as making a knot, tying the shoelaces.Simple but meaningful.

Chang Hung YU

CHAND HUNG YU Study National Cheng Kung University(R.O.C) major:Kansei Design