Alonso de Garay House on the 12th Floor Apartment
House on the 12th Floor Apartment is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
House on the 12th Floor Apartment

The present design for the apartment’s interior is a conceptual play for the interiors apartment on a 12th floor. The intention was for this apartment to symbolise the ideal of a house with a garden. As such, the interior design is based on two aspects: a functional diagram that gives ample space to all areas in the apartment along with a main hall that has an A-shaped ceiling, simulating a gabled roof, as well as a vertical garden on the dining area’s wall. The project successfully synthesises these formal concerns with a functional layout, even allowing of certain design pieces.

House on the 12th Floor Apartment
Alonso de Garay House on the 12th Floor
Alonso de Garay Apartment
Alonso de Garay design
Alonso de Garay design
Alonso de Garay

ADG Architecture Studio seeks to deliver not only closed, finished projects, but to have an impact on the project’s context. The firm’s trademark is not just architectural design but the process that begins always with investigation (historic, environmental, architectural) and contemplates: urban analysis, sustainability and landscape, working with technology in construction to come up with a single virtual model (BIM), and, together with domestic and foreign consultants, reaching even into post-occupation analysis and registry and documentation of the projects in books or videos. ADG is experienced in projects with diverse typologies and scales. We are proud to take on architectural rescue and reuse projects for buildings of a high artistic value and heritage

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Alonso de Garay studied Architecture in Mexico City’s Universidad Anáhuac. There, he received the Best Project award several times and entered a number of international contests. In 2003 he began his path as an architect and real estate developer by founding Tierra Capital, a firm that has led several residential and corporate projects to fruition. . In 2009, looking for a new vision and understanding of architecture and urban development, de Garay traveled to New York, enrolling in a Master’s program in architecture and urban planning at Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (GSAPP).In 2011, Alonso de Garay returned to New York to join Norman Foster’s Foster+Partners design team, considered among the best in the world. In 2013, with the experience gained abroad, Alonso returned to Mexico with the idea of establishing his own firm.He then founded the architectural firm ADG, which, in only tree years, has grown into a team of 30 that includes architects, designers, researchers, engineers, etc. The ADG firm has entered national and international contests. Recently Alonso de Garay has worked on a number of residential projects, as well as the Terminal 1 working hub in Tehuántepec no. 170. Alonso de Garay is also in charge of the project for the tallest tower in southern Mexico City, Puerta Pedregal; the rescue of the Fray Nano stadium in the Venustiano Carranza neighborhood, and designing the new stadium for the Diablos Rojos, Mexico City’s baseball team, inside the Magdalena Mixuca sports complex.