House of DIV by Gulsah Surel Erdem Sacred Bowl Ring
Sacred Bowl Ring is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Sacred Bowl Ring

This ring was inspired by a bowl decorated with charms and prayers, which has been used by Ottoman Sultans. Within the bowl it has written 99 different names of God refers the numbers, letters and symbols. Sultans believed that, drinking water from this bowl would help them to find healing. The ring is made of 14K Gold, diamond and ruby. The person whose this ring belongs to always will be healthy and protected. The part between the bowl and the ring refers the imperial standard of the Ottoman Empire.

Sacred Bowl Ring
House of DIV by Gulsah Surel Erdem Sacred Bowl
House of DIV by Gulsah Surel Erdem Ring
House of DIV by Gulsah Surel Erdem design
House of DIV by Gulsah Surel Erdem design
House of DIV by Gulsah Surel Erdem

A senior architect, Gulşah Surel Erdem, a woman, a mother, passionate about the sea, the nature and history. Loves the details of modern and historic architecture, geometrical forms and the meanings these forms carry in our lives. Her answer to the question why she became a designer after 20 years of architecture is “I always loved to produce with my hands. I started designing when I painted mussel shells with my grandmother’s nail polish. House of Div was born through my love for the Anatolian people, nature and history blended with the vision and skills from my past as an architect.” The designer enjoys being a part of the whole process, from the start of an idea to the preparations of molds to the production and finally the presentation. Having no boundaries regarding her designs and wanting to carry them to all apects of life, Gulsah Surel Erdem expects you to be open to surprises in regards of “House of Div” products.

House of DIV

Gulsah Surel Erdem is an architect, lover of the sea, the nature and the history, a woman and a mother. She loves modern and historic details, geometric forms and their meanings they brouht to our lives. She explains why she became a designer after 20 years architecture life with the followings words of “ I love to produce something since I was knee-high to a grasshoper. I started to design by painting sea shelves with my grand mothers’ nail polish. House of DIV was born by gathering the vision and the skill that I had from the love of human, nature and history of Anatolian land and from my architectural history. The designer enjoys to involve all the process; from the scratch to modeling, from the production to the presentation.