Ari Korolainen Pocket Refillable notebook
Pocket Refillable notebook is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Award Category.
Pocket Refillable notebook

Pocket is a convenient and sustainable notebook for everyday use. The cover is made of recycled leather, which is a durable material. The notebook insert is changeable, so when you run out of pages you can easily replace the insert with a new one, keeping the old covers. This way the notebook will stay with you for many years. The notebook consists of three pieces: the cover, a cardboard page marker and a notebook. All pieces are held together by a rubber band, which also closes the notebook.The notebook comes with a small pen attached to the cover, and is available in many color combination.

Pocket Refillable notebook
Ari Korolainen Pocket
Ari Korolainen Refillable notebook
Ari Korolainen design
Ari Korolainen design
Ari Korolainen

Ari Korolainen is a Finnish architect and designer who was one of the first designers who used recycled materials in his designs. 1985 he started to make cases and stationery products of recycled cardboard. Today he also uses recycled leather commonly in his designs. Good design and environmentally friendly materials can be seen in his Private Case stationery collection. Now, 30 years later, Private Case is a large collection of stationery products and Korolainen is known as Mr Private Case. Furniture design is his another ambition.

Private Case Oy

Private Case company is 1985 when Ari Korolainen, architect and industrial designer, started to manufacture his own briefcases made of recycled cardboard. The good acceptance in the market and their fabulous design, which has been recognized by numerous awards, have made Private Case Oy one of the leading, manufacturers of environmentally friendly stationery products in the international market. Private Case furniture line started 1990, when Ari Korolainen was asked to design furnitures to Finnish Opera house.