Suyoung Song Form Equaliser Transformable Speaker
Form Equaliser Transformable Speaker is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Form Equaliser Transformable Speaker

As a result of biomimetic study, this transformable speaker allows a user to adjust sound by altering the shape of it. Research showed that bat has evolved its ears and nose according to different environment and food. From the research, it was driven that shape influence sound and this principle became the concept. Each small module is connected with rubber at the end, sustaining balance and providing flexibility of movement. Simply by pulling or pushing some part, shape and the tune can be changed. This is targeted to sophisticated listeners who loves to adjust details of sound.

Form Equaliser Transformable Speaker
Suyoung Song Form Equaliser
Suyoung Song Transformable Speaker
Suyoung Song design
Suyoung Song design
Su-young Song Studio

This project was originally initiated for the dissertation of Master’s degree in Brunel University, London. Su-young Song completed this project with many helps from university faculties and professionals but the project is not intended for any organisations.