Ampro Design Selfpromo Champagne Bottle
Selfpromo Champagne Bottle is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Packaging Design Award Category.
Selfpromo Champagne Bottle

Together with the brand platform reevaluation and the brand redesign, Ampro needed a gift to symbolize the new brand mantra: Uplifting. So what better gift could a branding agency give than a pack: the uplifting champagne! Aviation was the inspiration and uplifting the motto! Uplifting because Ampro makes the client’s products fly from shelf, Ampro has highly professional members in the team, just like the crew of a passengers airplane and creates with the freedom of flight and designs with the rigor of a highly experienced airplane pilot.

Selfpromo Champagne Bottle
Ampro Design Selfpromo
Ampro Design Champagne Bottle
Ampro Design design
Ampro Design design
Ampro Design

Founded in 2005, Ampro Design is a complex studio of brand & packaging creation which provides the entire range of branding services. Ampro believes that today matters the most. They dedicate their time to help clients' products to be noticed, to stand out and to sell. They do this by creating clear brand strategies and by bringing those strategies to life through courageous design solutions. Ampro Design is outside the box !

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Established in 2005, Ampro Design is the top award-winning design studio in Romania that offers the full range of branding services. At Ampro, we believe that today is what matters most and the future will be at least as good as the opportunities that we seize today. We dedicate our time to helping the products and services of our clients in order to make them more visible and marketable; we do this by finding the clearest brand strategies brought to life by daring and innovative design solutions. We think outside the box!