TSENG CHUAN CHIEH Pure Dancer Environmental Optics R&D Center & Office
Pure Dancer Environmental Optics R&D Center & Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Pure Dancer Environmental Optics R&D Center & Office

This project does not have a lot of embedded downlights ,the designer did not make any extra modification, the dark glass partition support the frame and the build in lights, the compartment walls become the electrical lining frame and the air-conditioning electrical distribution pipelines, all the hidden stuffs which traditional hide in the ceiling all moved to the side wall, the upper ceilings become clean and around without any interferences, shows the pure looking of the space, not only shows the most natural face, but also to minimize the renovation cost to the most streamlined status.

Pure Dancer Environmental Optics R&D Center & Office
TSENG CHUAN CHIEH Environmental Optics R&D Center & Office

General manager of Taiwan Banty Interior Design Enterprise Co., Ltd. General manager of Shanghai Bingo Interior Design Co., Ltd. China Interior Decoration Association CIDA Professional Committee, Vice Chairman Taiwan Interior Decoration Association, Chairman Of The National Association Of Cross-Strait Affairs Chairman Of The 11 Th Kaohsiung Art Institute Of Spatial Design Kaohsiung Association Of Interior Design & Decoration , consultant Honorary President of Guangdong Furniture Association Design Committee Taiwan Interior Decoration Of Professional And Technical Personnel To Learn, Chairman Of The Mainland Affairs Advisory Committee On The Development Of Shu-Te University School Of Design Shu-Te University Visiting Professor (Graduates advisor) Cultural University Visiting Professor Cheng Shiu University Visiting Professor Yichun University Visiting Professor Beijing Tsinghua University Visiting Professor (Environmental Art Department Seminar) Shanghai Tongji University Visiting Professor China Academy Of Art Visiting Professor 2011 Ait Invited As Idea-Tops Award Jury 2011 IAI Invited To Serve The Asia-Pacific Global Green Design Awards Jury 2013 Invited To Act As Guangzhou International Furniture Fair Jury 2015 Invited To Act As International Space Design Award—I-DING Award Jury 2015 Invited To Act As Zhejiang Design Elite Invitational Award Jury 2016 Invited to the TAKAO nterior Design Award Jury

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Mr. Tseng Chuan-Chieh was born in 1968 in Taiwan Kaohsiung and became a graphic, stage, interior and architectural designer. His obsession with music, painting, and deep knowledge of Feng Shui has made him reach the most difficult "top spirit of Feng Shui interior designer". Mr. Tseng Chuan-Chieh, who has gone through experience in life, in practice, summing up, finally put together a system of knowledge, creating his own exclusive “Interior Design” of the Kingdom,Banty Interior Design Enterprise Co., Ltd , which was established in 1996 in Taiwan. As the General Manager of Taiwan Banty Interior Design company, in addition to establish a good image outside the goodwill in the industry, in recent years has helped many companies to assist many businesses, the creation of brand new thinking and a wider perspective, leading the macro " Banty Interior Team" towards a creative industry diversification. Therefore, Mr. Tseng has long committed to the study of Interior design, and cross-foot art, design and architecture, Feng Shui, music and other fields. Everyone calls him as a musician in design, in the construction industry of artist, music designers, architects in the world of Feng Shui, Feng Shui master in the arts community. Tseng Chuan-Chieh is able to cross-border by designing in a unique style, a smart way of thinking mode and using the power of nature, clever integration in various fields of specialization. His development had been extended in 2008 turning to the Mainland and Taiwan on behalf of the National Federation of Interior Design and Interior Decoration Association of China jointly promote cross-strait cooperation and exchanges of the interior design industry. Starting in 2011, participated in a variety of academic activities and design competitions, and won a number of awards and recognition, and that design contest judges will be invited to serve as an honorary in China. In 2014 China National Interior Decoration Association elected him as a deputy director of the Professional Committee of duties and also eligible for appointments as a visiting professor Yichun. In recent years he was often invited to the country to do indoor environment of physical control Feng Shui and Earth science lecture and invited to Tsinghua University, Tongji University, and taught senior seminar.