Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos FRB Custom Wooden Bicycle
FRB Custom Wooden Bicycle is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
FRB Custom Wooden Bicycle

The FRB Custom, is a beautiful bike, with distinctive design but with an intense character. The distinctive and conservative design, arises from the choice of the wood and leather peripherals, which add prestige and seriousness. We also used some high-tech materials, such as carbon and aluminum, which are matched perfectly, and give a different feel to the overall picture of the bike. FRB Custom is a stylish, wooden, hand-made and fully functional fixed gear bike. It has been awarded in a Greek competition for young designers, and has been displayed at the Benaki Museum, in May 20.

FRB Custom Wooden Bicycle
Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos FRB Custom
Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos Wooden Bicycle
Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos design
Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos design
Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos

Konstantinos Papadopoulos was born and raised in Tripolis, Greece. After finishing his studies as a graphic designer at AKTO College he returned to his hometown in 2012 and founded the creative agency Drunk Design. His work focuses in detail with respect, balance and style and he likes to work with other professionals. His favorite project is the "FRB Custom Bicycle"; a wooden, unique, handmade and fully functional fixed gear bicycle.

FRB Custom

FRB Custom deals with the manufacture of unique wooden bicycle frames. Each bicycle's design is fully customized. We try to read every customer’s brain to approach the bicycle’s character and style that represents them. FRB Custom are wooden fixed gear bicycles, without gears or other extra peripheral components. These attributes make the bicycles special and promote the aesthetics of the wooden frame. For the manufacturing of each bicycle a very specific process is followed. Also, the design of the frame happens with the client's input and the vital peripheral components of their choice. Each client has the ability to make any changes they wish as long as those do not affect the stability and balance of the bicycle.