Vakis Hadjikyriacou Art Collector's House Private Residence & Art Gallery
Art Collector's House Private Residence & Art Gallery is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Art Collector's House Private Residence & Art Gallery

The architecture of this house was determined by the hybrid brief that was assigned to it at its conception stage; art gallery combined with a family home. Each space has been designed with the idea of form follows function. The main entrance draws you in from the tight dense pine forest into a large double height gallery space, which houses a vast collection of sculptures and paintings. On the wings of this gallery building are the living spaces which are scaled proportionally to create the family home environment. Landscaped gardens surround the front of the house and extend into the forest.

Art Collector's House Private Residence & Art Gallery
Vakis Hadjikyriacou Art Collector's House
Vakis Hadjikyriacou Private Residence & Art Gallery
Vakis Hadjikyriacou design
Vakis Hadjikyriacou design
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