Yunus Emre Pektas Inlor Desk Lamp
Inlor Desk Lamp is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Inlor Desk Lamp

The project started as a midterm project in junior year as an industrial design student.Brief was to design a modern desk lamp.Designing Inlor the main goal was to design a desk lamp that was easy to use while keeping it functional.The simplicity in basic geometric shapes was perfect for making the lamp minimal and functional at the same time.With a rod and a triangle base the the form of the lamp was mostly decided but after the prototype feedbacks base triangle was modified to fit the modern look of a desk lamp.The final form achieved all the goals for the project from the start.

Inlor Desk Lamp
Yunus Emre Pektas Inlor
Yunus Emre Pektas Desk Lamp
Yunus Emre Pektas design
Yunus Emre Pektas design
Yunus Emre Pektas

Yunus Emre Pektaş, a senior Indstrial Design student at TOBB University of Economy and Technology.