Denis Orlenok Nft 3ac 5G Router
Nft 3ac 5G Router is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Nft 3ac 5G Router

High security router designed to be used both in public and private inner spaces. Elegant form of the access point is clear and unnoticeable on a daily basis and at the same time have a recognizable character. Sloping wall of the Wireless Internet connection device and rounded edges helps to reduce the shadow cast, so it remains neutral, but also keeps the product distinguishable. NFT 3AC features simple installation, power, and wide range of control properties. The output of the device ensure the quality of the wireless Internet connection up to the 10 floors.

Nft 3ac 5G Router
Denis Orlenok Nft 3ac
Denis Orlenok 5G Router
Denis Orlenok design
Denis Orlenok design
Denis Orlenok

For someone he is an artist, for someone he is an engineer, but he combines these two things in one – design. Passionate dreamer inspired by environment – people, architecture, sounds, products, music and art. Young designer that gets motivated of poor objects to solve problems and change life in the better comfortable and pleasant way as well as inspired by good products to create aesthetic and meaningful things. The main aim of everyday is to set unfeasible goals and implement them to reality.


LigoWave develops high performance wireless products with emphasis on innovation, versatility and affordability. The LigoWave team strives to revolutionize the way people see wireless, with the ultimate goal to better connect the world; they have succeeded in doing so by putting their products into the hands of customers in over 150 countries. Products have connected people who live in areas with no access to data, enhanced security of industrial applications and empowered in many others ways previously thought impossible. LigoWave story has begun in 2007 as a team dedicated to developing quality wireless networking equipment for the wireless broadband and enterprise market segments. Their commitment to excellence has not faltered over the years and has allowed growing into an international brand today. Product lines have expanded to meet all markets, including Point-to-MultiPoint data distribution, Point-to-Point bridges for blockhouse applications and access points for indoor applications. With an unwavering determination to exceed basic performance they have developed proprietary software that breaks the limits of standard Wi-Fi. Wireless is the future. This belief drives LigoWave every day. Starting with marketing, progressing to R&D, migrating to manufacturing and moving to sales and support, their united passion for wireless, along with customers’ appreciation and satisfaction makes them a leader in this industry.