Raphael Crespin One Main Office
One Main Office is Platinum Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
One Main Office

One Main is an office refurbishment that relentlessly deploys numeric command machining of sustainable plywood to evidence the versatility and efficiency available via CAD-CAM design-build processes. The project displaces the combinatorial logic of ready-made components typical of late-industrial process for a seamless and non-standard protocol of customized fabrication. A formal aesthetic emerges from these processes, imbuing the design with a curvilinear continuity at a detail and spatial level.

One Main Office
Raphael Crespin One Main
Raphael Crespin Office
Raphael Crespin design
Raphael Crespin design
Raphael Crespin

Raphaƫl is French Designer. He gained his experience in design and computation with dECOi an architectural design practice lead by Mark Goulthorpe and renowned for its radical approach and essentially dedicated to research. He worked on various projects striving to open the boundaries of conventional approaches in Architecture, developing high end computational design strategies for non-standard and complex geometries and exploring new possibilities of digital technologies for fabrication.


C-Change is an investment group in green building and clean energy technologies.