Maarten Sietzema Luna Smart bedside projector
Luna Smart bedside projector is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Luna Smart bedside projector

Research has shown that a good night's sleep resets our memory, reduces metabolic demand on the brain and help us stay alert. Luna is a smart projector that projects moving patterns which have a calming effect and help you and your children fall asleep. App connectivity allows you to also use Luna as a baby phone or a security camera. With voice control you can ask for projections of the time or text messages. Luna is designed to be your friendly companion, a multifunctional product that increases wellbeing and watches over your family.

Luna Smart bedside projector
Maarten Sietzema Luna
Maarten Sietzema Smart bedside projector
Maarten Sietzema design
Maarten Sietzema design
Maarten Sietzema

Maarten Sietzema, Design student from the Netherlands. Maarten has a strong vision and a high attention to detail. Combined with his technical knowledge and softskills he can work in all stages of the design process. Currently Maarten is finishing his studies.